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New Hope, Future City Buk-gu

Organization Chart

Administrative organization chart

Bukgu office

  • Mayor
    • Deputy Mayor
      • Planning and Budget Office
        PlanBudgetParliament Legal affairsFuture strategyAudit
      • Economic and Cultural Affairs Bureau
        • Economic Jobs Department
          Industrial Policyregional economyCorporate InvestmentYouth PolicyJob Support
        • Media Information Department
          PromotionNew mediaInformation ManagementInformation Communication
        • Culture and Physical Education Division
          Promotion of CultureCultural HeritageAthletic Support
        • Tourism Promotion Division
          Tourism PolicyTourism MarketingTourism Development
        • Agriculture and Fisheries Division
          Agricultural PolicyAgriculture&Fisheries CirculationLivestock HorticultureFisheries Promotion
      • Administrative Support Bureau
        • General Affairs Division
          General AffairsPersonnelLabor and Management Welfare
        • Resident Autonomy Division
          Complaints CommunicationAutonomy administrationLife Complaints
        • Accounting Department
          AccountingContractProperty Management
        • Tax 1 Department
          Tax administrationArrears ManagementOutside Tax Income
        • Tax 2 Department
          Property TaxAcquisition TaxLocal Income TaxStandard of assessment
        • Civil Affairs Division
          Civil Service Family RegistrationPassportLand Registercadastral reformLand Management
      • Welfare and Environment Bureau
        • Welfare Policy Division
          Welfare policyIntegrated Research ManagementHope Welfare Support
        • elderly and Disabled Division
          Welfare for the elderlyDisabled WelfareLife Guarantee
        • Family Policy Division
          Female PolicyChild ProtectNurseryPopulation PolicyChild Friendship Dream
        • Education and Youth Division
          educational policyLifelong Educationjuvenile
        • Environmental Hygiene Division
          Environment ManagementEnvironment GuideHygiene ManagementHygiene Guide
        • Resource Circulation Division
          Environment BeautificationRecycleWaste Management
      • Safety Construction Bureau
        • Safety Management Division
          Safety PolicySocial DisasterNatural DisasterCivil defenseIntegrated Control
        • Construction Division
          Construction administrationCivil engineeringSizeSewerMechanism
        • Urban Division
          Urban AdministrationUrban PlanningUrban DevelopmentUrban Regeneration PlanningUrban Regeneration FacilityCityscape
        • Park and Green Space Division
          ParkForestGreen SpaceGardenUrban Forest Support
        • Traffic Administration Division
          Traffic AdministrationTraffic GuideTraffic Facility
        • Building Housing Division
          ArchitectureHousingArchitecture ManagementPublic FacilityAdvertisement management

Directly Affiliated Organization

  • Health Center
    • Health Administration Division
      • Health Administration
      • Medicine Management
      • Prevention of infectious Diseases
      • Emergency medical response
      • medical treatment
    • Health Promotion Division
      • Health Promotion
      • Dementia management
      • Family health
      • Mental Health
      • health guidance
      • Healthy Living Support Center


  • Council office
    • Professional Commissioner
    • Professional Commissioner
    • parliamentary legislation
    • Agenda

Branch Offices

  • District Library
    • Library Policy
    • Center Library
    • Maegok Library
    • Nongso1 Library
    • Sea Library
  • Culture and Arts Center
    • Business Management
    • Art business

Community centre

Nongso 1 Dong
Nongso 2 Dong
Nongso 3 Dong