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New Hope, Future City Buk-gu

Processing Method of Recyclables

Recyclables treatment

How to discharge the recyclables

How to discharge the recyclables
Apartment To separate and dispose the recyclables, the management office should collectively collect and entrust them to process to a private company.
Single-family house
  • Put the recyclables in a mesh or a transparent plastic bag with the address on it, and place it in front of the door
    (※ Do not use the black plastic bags)
  • Put the cans, metals, plastics, vinyls and milk packs in a mesh
  • Tie the papers (box, newspaper etc.) and styrofoams separately
  • Put the empty bottles separately in a transparent bag
The mesh is not disposable. Please reuse the empty mesh after collection.
If you move, please take over the mesh so that the new comer can use it. If you lose it or the mesh is damaged, you can get it directly from the resident center.

Separate trash procedure

How to separate trash

How to separate trash
Classification Recycles Non-recycles
Papers Newspapers, booklets, boxes, waste paper, milk packs Foil attached packs (such as soy milk packs), wrapping paper, name cards, photosensitive or thermal paper (such as fax paper, photo paper, paining wallpaper, carbon paper, paper with foreign substances, etc.)
Bottles Common bottles : Classify by color for example, white, brown, blue, etc. Pesticide bottles: Empty pesticide bottles (Korea Environment Corporation) Cosmetics, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain and other bottles containing foreign objects
Synthetic resin (plastic) Beverage bottles, bottled water bottles, soy sauce bottles, etc. Most of industrial products, egg packagings, large water bottles, disposable bowls, etc. PVC containers
Milk bottle, detergent bottle, shampoo bottle, etc.
Milk bottle, body cleanser, shampoo bottle
Boxes, rice wine bottle, bucket, etc. (HDPE, LDPE, PP can be mixed)
Yogurt, ice cream, etc.
Sweets bags, ramen bags, (HDPE, LDPE, and PP are separated from each other and discharged)
Cans Beer cans, beverage cans and more Cans with stains or foreign substances (Recyclable if collected separately after removing paint and foreign matter)
Pesticides, gas cylinders, etc. (Containers must be drilled through holes)
Scrap iron Pots, frying pans, various kinds of iron products (rebar, nails, iron pieces, wire, etc.), stainless steel bowls, aluminum bowls and containers Mixed or impregnated with various foreign substances (Recyclable if they are separated after sorting)
Styrofoam Insulation materials such as agricultural, fishery, aquatic products packaging and construction, buffering products (consumer electronics companies are obliged to collect liability) Containers with foreign objects, containers in cups, colored, coated, styrofoam rubber.
Waste fluorescent lamps (Fluorescent lamps), fluorescent lamps (to separate and discharge the fluorescent lamps without peeling off the inner film)
Clothes Cotton, woolen, wool, synthetic fiber, etc. (can be used for non-neighbors, vinyl house warmers)
Disposable plastic bags Separated from bag of confectionery and ramen, separated by plastic bag
Waste batteries Manganese battery, alkaline battery, nickel hydrogen battery - After removing foreign matter, discharge it to the waste battery collection box

How to separate and discharge fluorescent lamp

  • Fluorescent lamp contains small amount of mercury (25mg per unit), the harzadous substance, which must be recycled (safely treated). When the waste fluorescent lamp is buried and incinerated without being recycled, the shape of the mercury in the fluorescent lamp does not change and permeates into the atmosphere or the soil, posing a serious threat to the human body. If you break it, the mercury will be exposed in the air, so it must be safely discharged to the dedicated collection box without being broken.

Recycling promotion Center


  • 52-8 Dubugok-Dong 19 Gil (Yeonam-dong 1049-4), Buk-Gu

Office hour

  • Summer season 10:00 - 17:00 / Winter season 10:00 - 16:00 (* Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)


  • Around 40 persons for one time

Functions and roles

  • Video presentation related to environmental conservation and recycling
  • Exhibition of resource recycling related panels
  • A learning field for the waste treatment and problems

Training content

  • Children's environmental classroom - Kindergarten, elementary school students
  • Waste reduction and resource recycling education - residents

Application and inquiry

  • Environmental Beautification Division : T. 241-8651

How to discharge the waste home appliances

  • Free Visit Collection : 1599-0903
  • Service reservation : 1599-0903
  • Homepage :
  • KakaoTalk Friend Finder ID: Free Home Appliance Collection
  • Search for "Free waste home appliance discharge" in the Internet search box!