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New Hope, Future City Buk-gu

Major Public Facilities

Goverment Building Guide Map

Buk-gu Office

Buk-gu District Office
  • Buk-gu is a self-governing district that has the autonomous right to process the businesses of local self-governing bodies as well as national and city-based businesses that have been entrusted to its care.
  • The person who holds the highest position in the district office, which processes the businesses, is the chairman of the district office. The chairman is selected through local elections. The organization of the office has been set by the ordinance of the district.
  • The office consists of 3 bureaus and 17 departments under the chairman and the vice chairman, as well as a congress business department, a public health center, and 8 dongs. This organizational system is not uniformly applied to every self-governing and general district. The characteristics of each district differ from those of the others.
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Buk-gu Culture and Arts Center

Buk-gu Culture and Arts Center
  • Bukgu Culture and Arts Center, which opened in September 2003, is a place where citizens enjoy cultural achievement. There are 445 performance hall and exhibition hall. So far, there have been about 100 cultural lectures.
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Buk-gu Public Health Center

Buk-gu Public Health Center
  • Public health centers are nationally established by the ordinance of local self-governing organizations, and take charge of local public health care activities. A public health center generally consists of a head official, a health guidance department, a quarantine department under the head of the public health center, and a doctor. It undertakes projects such as the prevention and management of infectious diseases and other diseases, the management of health-related statistics and medical information, the provision of health education, etc.
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