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New Hope, Future City Buk-gu

Household Waste Disposal

Discharge time and method

Discharge time

  • Sundays to Fridays from sunset till 00:00 (Do not discharge on Saturday)

Discharge method

  • Single-family house: in front of house (Commercial district)
  • Apartment: Household waste container in the apartment

Purchase of standard garbage plastic bags

  • Standard garbage plastic bag shop

Precautions for Disposal

  • Discharge time and method must be strictly observed
  • Do not mix with recycling or food waste
    A penalty will be imposed if violate any of the above.
    ※ For more information: Environment Beautification Department (☎ 241-7801 ~ 5)
    ※ When the waste was discharged observing discharge time and method but it was not collected, please contact the collecting company.