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New Hope, Future City Buk-gu


Symbol mark

Symbol mark
  • The outside circle means the concords of the residents of Buk-gu.
  • The green and blue parts refer to the mountain and the sea, respectively, which are Buk-gu's regional geographical features.
  • The orange circle in the center symbolizes the sun of hope that rises in the East Sea, where Buk-gu is located, and heralds Buk-gu as the mecca of industries, such as the vehicle industry.


Soeburi and Chamnari

  • Seoburi is a symbolic representation of the fiery passion of the citizens of Buk-gu, just like the raging blast furnace required for smelting steel.
  • Chamnari is a symbolic representation of a clear and blue future, as well as the happiness and prosperity of the ever-developing Buk-gu, Ulsan.

Flower of Buk-Gu

Tiger lily

District flower
  • Family nameLiliaceae, perennial plant
  • Tiger lily is a flower that is distinguished for its neatness, elegance, and chastity. It has a tremendous power to propagate. It symbolizes the tidiness and prosperity of the newly established Buk-gu.

Tree of Buk-Gu

Sawleaf Zelkova

District tree
  • Family nameElm-like Tree (Zelkova serrata)
  • Sawleaf Zelkova is a tree with a long life, symbolizing concord, prosperity, stability, and the strong will to live. Therefore, it stands for Buk-gu's vigorous development and resulting prosperity, as well as Buk-gu's promise of steering the country to further progress.

Bird of Buk-Gu

Garrulus glandarius

District bird
  • Family nameEurasian Jay belongs to Garrulus glandarius (CORVIDAE)
  • Garrulus glandarius possesses both familiarity and beauty, and it harmonizes well with nature. Therefore, it symbolizes the hope that is embodied by Buk-gu, and conveys the latter's environment-friendly image, strengthened by its harmony with nature.